The Next Generation of Customer Experience Is Here

Customer expectations have evolved at an unprecedented pace over the past several years. In parallel, there have been a wealth of innovations and major advancements in customer experience (CX) and employee experience, due in large part to the global pandemic that drove significant changes for customers and contact center agents alike. Organizations around the world have prioritized digital transformation to improve customer satisfaction and drive business process efficiency to keep pace with this CX evolution.

According to survey data from the 2023 report, “The State of Customer Experience” from Genesys, the No. 1 technology priority for CX leaders worldwide is implementing a customer experience platform that integrates systems, such as unified communications, CRM systems, enterprise resource management (ERP), AI tools and workforce planning. The second greatest priority is connecting technology and data to deliver a better omnichannel experience.

This has led to an intense focus on the convergence of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions and CRM systems. Where the CCaaS allows customer service departments to manage a holistic view of customer interactions across multiple channels — both for customers and employees (contact center agents and supervisors), the CRM is often the system of record for many companies to drive customer service and several business-critical workflows. In the next generation of CX, CCaaS and CRM solutions will integrate further, working in concert, as the data from both systems is critical to create a single view of the customer. This also equips organizations to deliver incredible, personalized, empathetic customer experiences.

The next generation of CX is here.

We’re announcing a Strategic Collaboration Agreement and native integration between the Genesys Cloud™ platform and Salesforce Service Cloud.

CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce is the first joint collaboration of its scale of an AI-powered customer experience and relationship management solution. It delivers a unified workspace in Service Cloud with enterprise contact center and workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities from Genesys Cloud, making agent and supervisor jobs more seamless and helping businesses better coordinate their data, agents, bots and communication channels for a smarter end-to-end customer and employee experiences.

While this new agreement marks a significant milestone and investment in our partnership, Genesys and Salesforce have been successfully working together with common customers for years. Through our eight years of partnership, we’ve served hundreds of joint customers around the world, integrating Genesys and Salesforce solutions to drive their customer and employee experiences. There are already over 150,000 contact center agents using Genesys interaction controls and other capabilities while working in a Salesforce console. And there are already pre-built, packaged integrations available via the AppExchange or Genesys AppFoundry® that are easily deployed by everyday admins or non-developers.

Genesys and Salesforce share a customer-led vision, and aim to jointly support our customers’ CX transformation journeys with a more seamless experience. We have become the de facto core pillars that many companies deploy in these transformations and, in fact, many large brands have shared with us their plans to standardize on our two platforms going forward.

With synchronized, AI-ready data; a single orchestration engine; and unified, AI-powered employee experiences, CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce will eliminate silos and help organizations better understand their customer interactions, behavior and history across their entire journey.

This is truly a groundbreaking collaboration with Salesforce — and it’s indeed the next generation of CX for a number of reasons.

  • With CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce, organizations have a pre-connected, unified data fabric of relationship and engagement from both platforms. They also have a single, holistic view of the customer from both platforms, which can eliminate blind spots, fully enrich AI and power personalized conversations.
  • IT and business teams can focus on developing smarter, contextualized conversations using the synchronized data, bots and channels from both Genesys and Salesforce platforms — all in a single, no-code orchestration engine.
  • Both Genesys and Salesforce provide AI capabilities through Einstein and the Genesys AI Experience; the architecture allows customers to choose and build their customer experience and use cases a la carte.
  • With everything orchestrated, routed and measured from a single location, customers will be able to engage in more consistent bot- and agent-led interactions across channels — building brand loyalty and reducing operational costs.
  • Supervisors gain a comprehensive view of their agents and can better analyze and celebrate performance. They also have the ability to identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors of top performers. This all feeds a single, contextualized agent workspace that eliminates application switching and improves agent efficiency with AI-powered assistance and data-rich performance and training insights.

Learn more about CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce today.