Announcing New Genesys Support and Services Options

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to getting the customer experience right. While Genesys continues to introduce and deliver world-class solutions that meet and exceed rising customer expectations, we understand that there can be obstacles to moving forward. Cost and the complexity of deploying a new CX solution are among the top concerns that hold some businesses back from being able to offer the connected, personalized experience that builds customer loyalty and drives greater business results.

To address these innovation-halting hurdles, Genesys has introduced a three-step path to make it easier for businesses to turn their customer experience vision into a reality with faster time-to-value, expert guidance and a lower cost of entry.

We recently caught up with Charlie Godfrey, Global Solution Services Director at Genesys, to get his perspective on how this industry-leading path can help businesses achieve customer experience success.

 How would you describe this new path to someone who identifies the need for CX innovation but is reluctant to move forward?

Charlie: This is a cohesive offer designed to simplify and streamline the process of gaining control of the customer experience. It includes prescriptive use cases, subscription pricing and tailored services and support options. Together, these components make it easier to design and deploy Genesys customer experience solutions and gain rapid value from them.

 Where does the path begin?

Charlie: It starts with defining objectives and the optimal customer experience. Genesys takes this vision and designs a personalized roadmap using predictable use cases that are focused on business outcomes. Because these tried and true use cases are known to be repeatable, proven and trustworthy, the result is a plan that jumpstarts progress while reducing risk and effort.

 What are the advantages of subscription pricing?

Charlie: Cost is among the biggest obstacles that businesses face when upgrading their customer experience solution. A subscription plan is investment protection, enabling businesses to “lease” their solution with a significantly lower upfront cost. Subscription pricing also offers the flexibility to increase capacity to handle bursts of high demand or adjust the mix of licenses. Business needs can change rapidly. With a subscription, you get added flexibility and can align your payments more closely with the business outcomes you are achieving

 Genesys: What makes this offer unique?

Charlie: Traditional vendor service typically stops at deployment. Because, today’s CX solutions are complex, businesses need more than just a vendor. They require a strategic partner to help navigate their success. Problems often arise after deployment, during the adoption phase. Having a trusted Genesys advisor and a tailored framework to guide every step of the transformation journey can ensure a seamless transformation before, during and after deployment. When this level of support is combined with the advantage of prescriptive use cases and the flexibility of a subscription, it provides a comprehensive offer that supports both immediate and long-term success.

 What are the drivers of this new option?

Charlie: Based on customer feedback and marketing trends, we identified common challenges that businesses face when deploying customer experience solutions, such as preparing their organization for change or optimizing call routing using a growing volume of operational data.

We also found that customers want greater flexibility. From our survey data, 52% of companies that still are deploying on-premise prefer subscription. They also value additional support. Our market research indicates that 82% of enterprise customers and 69% of commercial customers crave added-value services and are willing to pay for them. In other words, we have aligned this three-step path specifically to address business needs and obstacles.

Learn about the Genesys subscription model, and read the Genesys press release for more details.