Imagine if … You could double your sales year over year, without increasing costs

Imagine growing your business so quickly that you become one of the world’s fastest-expanding companies in your market in less than a decade. That’s exactly what online travel platform accomplished with a move to the cloud.

Powered by a proprietary algorithm, has created the largest existing local flights database, allowing customers to choose from 750 million flight combinations. Today, it manages more than 2,100 staff and 8,400 daily bookings.

But such a meteoric rise creates business challenges. For, the rapid growth placed difficult demands on the company’s contact center in Brno, Czech Republic — where legacy on-premises infrastructure was stretched to the limit. This made it difficult to add agents and features — and tracking basic metrics became impossible.

Agility Wins in a Competitive Travel Marketplace

To resolve these challenges, made the move to the cloud. It chose the Genesys® PureCloud® platform for its wide-ranging benefits, including better scalability, mobility and resilience. The agility of the cloud-based service has enabled to compete in a packed marketplace where larger brands have typically dominated.

For example, to optimize queuing, the company uses a combination of PureCloud skills-based and bullseye routing. The former ensures that contacts are directed to the best-placed agents with the right language skills. The latter gradually expands the agent pool if first-choice experts aren’t available in allocated response times.

Case management, average handle time and first-call resolution at have improved significantly since its transition to the PureCloud platform. There are other important benefits, too: Sales growth has doubled year-over-year — with no increase in costs or headcount.

This success is achieved because agents can multitask, work more efficiently and serve more customers. If a passenger gets stuck at the airport and needs urgent assistance, for example, agents can take a phone call, search for an alternative flight and update an e-ticket via email — all at the same time.

The PureCloud platform is extremely user-friendly. It’s easy to learn, which has reduced onboarding time for new hires; and the ability to unify channels — including chat, SMS, video, social media and proactive outbound dialing — into a single agent desktop makes agents’ lives easier. And efficient agents mean a better customer experience, because they have more time to focus on their soft skills and resolve customer issues on first contact.

Everything Your Agents Need

The PureCloud platform is ideal for mid-sized companies. It’s a true, native cloud 2.0 solution that’s built to deliver continuous and rapid innovation — and it’s the first cloud contact center platform built using microservices. With smaller, independent microservices, new features are instantly added to your environment without affecting other services or interrupting business. Creating new features is just as simple as a browser refresh.

The solution has a straightforward, integrated and intuitive user interface that’s built for collaboration. Everything your agents need is built-in. This enables them to automate tasks, get insights into customer journeys and gain operational efficiencies.

As a single desktop application, the PureCloud platform makes it easy to understand what’s happening with your customers. It works with your CRM applications and controls all interactions and work items. It enables you to provide consistent, contextual customer service while using enterprise-grade security, stability and functionality.

Agents, supervisors, managers and administrators all use a common interface, which eliminates wasted time and lets you reap the benefits of proactive contact center analytics and insights.

The impressive rise of in the competitive online travel industry demonstrates how companies can leverage the PureCloud platform to innovate for success. Watch the video to see how improved scalability, mobility and resilience, among other benefits, with the PureCloud platform.