Imagine if… The Cloud Created a Better Agent Experience

Imagine discovering that your move to the cloud not only improved your customer experience, but it also made your agents happier and more fulfilled.

Engaging with your customers across multiple channels is critical — and innovations in contact center technology enable this. But there’s another critical element in delivering the best experiences to your customers: your employee base.

Success in the contact center is about relationships — and strong employee engagement is an essential building block for those relationships. The right tools and technology not only drive increased customer engagement, but they also improve employee engagement, along with associated benefits — from improved staff retention to lower total costs.

Red Hat Agents Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Red Hat, in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a leading provider of open-source software solutions. Operating from 80 offices in 30 countries, it has more than 8,000 employees. Its consistent, world-class customer service and IT support are critical to the company’s success.

The legacy contact center solution at Red Hat was siloed and complex, and it required extensive manual intervention to reroute calls across regions. In turning to Genesys to create a unified cloud contact center, the company discovered that the same platform that had delivered better customer experience also benefitted its agents.

Red Hat first created a global voice queue, which enabled the entire company to function as one virtual team and easily manage all voice interactions in a consistent, seamless manner. With a universal queue, all types of work are handled by the same platform. Based on rules and priorities, the queue assigns the right type of work — at the right time, to the right agent. Offering variety to agents throughout the day keeps employees motivated and engaged.

By optimizing resources, Red Hat cut costs and created a better work-life balance for its agents. By deploying the Genesys® PureCloud® solution, Red Hat improved the company’s ability to manage workflows and ensure that the right people are working on the right tasks. Consolidated, automated reporting provides fresh insight into staff productivity and service consistency, giving associates and team leads to new visibility and the ability to accurately predict staffing. A better forecast creates a better schedule — and a better schedule directly affects employee engagement.

Rose-Hulman Institute Tutors Enjoy Improved Job Satisfaction

For nearly two decades, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been ranked by US News & World Report as the top undergraduate engineering school in the nation. Its homework assistance program, “Ask Rose,” is staffed by 130 undergraduate tutors who provide free math and science help for students in grades 6-12 via phone, chat, and email.

The program’s primary goal is to be available for students in the way they want to contact Ask Rose. But its previous system was unreliable, and tutors couldn’t see a student’s past help request history.

In 2016, Rose-Hulman migrated to the PureCloud platform, which delivered expansion to multiple channels, a quick implementation process, reduced IT requirements and significantly improved reliability. The change vastly improved agent satisfaction, too.

Because tutors focus on helping students understand the process — rather than providing answers — there could be 15 or 20 email messages exchanged about a single math problem. So, one of the biggest wins is the ability to see an entire email thread. The PureCloud solution opens up visibility into the entire interaction with the student, no matter how many emails are exchanged, even with multiple tutors.

Another benefit of the cloud solution is the ability for agents to work remotely. This enables Ask Rose to operate at full scale regardless of the academic calendar. Tutors also take advantage of built-in collaboration tools to chat and video conference with each other. The tutors are thrilled with the new platform, because it makes it so much simpler for them to do their jobs.

Delivering Agent Satisfaction Across the Board

The PureCloud platform is an all-in-one solution; it’s simple, easy to implement and delivers vastly improved agent satisfaction. Out of the box, it includes all the technology needed to stay focused on your customers. They can contact you on any device, via any channel — at any time. And agents can manage those moments without the need for desktop downloads or in-depth training.

The PureCloud platform also offers end-to-end omnichannel management. It makes agents’ work easier: They not only handle concurrent interactions, they also seamlessly switch among multiple channel types simultaneously.

The experiences of Red Hat and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology demonstrate that, when selecting a platform that provides better customer experience, you also can you’re your agents a better experience.