Overcome the Risks of an Outdated Contact Center Infrastructure

Whether it’s a sagging, worn-out sofa or a well-loved car that’s in the shop more than it’s on the road, there are tried-and-true items that lose their functionality and need to be replaced. When it comes to legacy contact center infrastructure, the decision to make a change is a big one. However, it’s often the best way to overcome operational risks, limitations and escalating costs.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing
It is understandable to want to overlook the challenges of outdated contact center technology. Moving to a new system is not a decision that can be made without considerable thought and planning. Yet, you can’t diminish all the issues associated with taking a wait-and-see approach. Security vulnerabilities often top this list when fixes stop being issued for a legacy PBX/ACD system. Entrusting critical information to an aging system or an insecure application also causes compliance issues. However, there are other concerns, including the rising costs of maintaining and bug-fixing end-of-support software, as well as poor performance and reliability. It’s all enough to keep you up at night.

Plan Your Next Step
Overcoming these challenges requires a plan that begins with simplifying infrastructure. By replacing a cumbersome system with the Genesys customer experience platform, you can end insomnia-inducing issues of disparate contact center technologies and end-of-support products.

A simplified contact center infrastructure with unified channels, tools, and interfaces reduces hassles and headaches. You’ll eliminate software incompatibilities, workarounds and security issues. And, you can choose an on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployment with a flexible subscription or traditional licensing model. By working with Genesys, you also get access to predefined proven use cases that reduce risk and time to value.

Future-Proof Your Customer Experience
Along with overcoming legacy contact center limitations, migrating from legacy contact center technology enables you to have the infrastructure in place to keep up with rising customer expectations and evolving business needs. As you continue to transform your customer experience, the open-standards infrastructure lets your business evolve at the pace that’s right for you and your customers.

Innovate and Transform Your Customer Experience

Predictive routing: Transform your customer experience with predictive routing, which offers the most granular match of customer attributes with employee knowledge and performance. Predictive routing uses an AI-powered routing engine to build models from aggregated customer profiles based on factors like communication channel, products purchased and previous service requests. These models are combined with agent profiles to predict the best match between customer and agent. The data models are continuously updated to improve future experiences.

Interaction recording and analytics: Gain complete interaction recording and analytics capabilities across all digital and voice channels. Integrated with the customer experience platform, you can increase first contact resolution and ensure regulatory compliance by recording all interactions and every part of the conversation.

Next-gen dialog management: Build a bot that works on any channel with over 80 pre-built microapps for faster time to value. Using a natural language processing (NLP) or a third-party engine, bots are evolving to more relationship-based actions, managing sequences of transactions and optimizing journeys by helping customers navigate channels. Bots also integrate seamlessly with agents to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

 The Opportunities Are Real
There are legitimate risks to remaining with legacy contact center infrastructure. Fortunately, the opportunities to reduce costs and complexity while improving the customer experience are real. Learn how you can fast-track your migration to overcome your legacy contact center limitations to deliver the intelligent omnichannel experiences your customers want and future-proof your customer experience.