Genesys Cloud Accelerates WEM Innovation for PureConnect Customers

If you were at Xperience19 in Denver, you felt the excitement around Genesys Cloud, our platform for rapid, shared innovation. Genesys Cloud has a microservices architecture that lets us deploy new capabilities and features to you on a continuous basis. One of the beneficiaries of this rapid innovation is Interaction Optimizer, the native PureConnect workforce management (WFM) solution.

Benefits for Optimizer Customers
Genesys Cloud delivers instant value to you and other existing Genesys customers. We’re excited about the new Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) innovation that Genesys Cloud brings, especially to Interaction Optimizer. In the last major release, we introduced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered forecasting, which is a set of more than 25 algorithms that leverage best practices in data science and other industry standards. This means you can produce forecasts that are upwards of 95% accurate in a matter of minutes with the simple press of a button.

In the next major release, we’ll make AI-powered scheduling available within Optimizer so you can build schedules in less than five minutes. Once you upgrade the PureConnectTM application, you’ll receive all enhancements made to the algorithms automatically via Genesys Cloud. This means you no longer need to plan upgrades to receive those benefits — and you don’t have to maintain additional infrastructure to use the benefits of AI.

Options for More Sophisticated Needs
Some customers will outgrow Optimizer and require a more advanced workforce management solution for tasks like audit reporting (who changed what and when), vacation and overtime bidding, and detailed shrinkage management. Those customers can use Genesys Workforce Management, a solution formerly only available to PureEngageTM customers. PureConnect customers who want to make this move can apply existing Optimizer licenses toward Genesys WFM. Talk to your Genesys Advisor to learn more about these capabilities — and to determine if it’s the right strategy for you.

A Continued Commitment to You and Optimizer
Genesys is actively investing in WEM capabilities across all platforms through Genesys Cloud. Optimizer customers can, and will continue to, benefit from these rapid development efforts. There are many more exciting capabilities planned for later this year. For example, we’ll introduce AI-powered scheduling in which Optimizer sends scheduling data to a Genesys Cloud service and, based on the provided data, the service automatically creates advanced AI modeling. It derives customer behavior and its relationship with service performance and changes in queue workload. This new service uses advanced AI modeling to ensure accurate staffing requirements and performance predictions.

Let’s Continue the Conversation
We understand there’s been some confusion about our WEM strategy for the PureConnect application, as well as the future of Optimizer. To ensure you get all your questions answered, join our product team for a live “Ask me anything” event in our Genesys PureConnect Community on August 28th from 12-3 PM ET. During that time, our WEM product managers will monitor the discussions in the PureConnect Community and answer your questions related to our product strategy for WEM and Optimizer.

If you don’t have an account already, follow these instructions to sign up.

  1. Head to and click the link at the top that says “Sign In/Sign Up.”
  2. Follow the instructions on how to request access to the Community.
  3. Registration and access can take 24-48 hours, so be sure to sign up to the Community no later than August 26th.

Members of the Genesys Customer Advocacy Program (GCAP) will receive rewards for participating in this event. Follow this link to sign up, if you’re not a member of GCAP yet.

You can also submit and review product ideas through our Product Ideas Lab. A link can be found in the Genesys Knowledge Network.

I look forward to chatting with you in the Genesys Community.