Innovation Spotlight: The PureConnect Platform Harnesses Microservices

If I asked you what Amazon, eBay, Uber, Netflix, Twitter, PayPal and Spotify all have in common, the phrases “market disruptors” and “new economy success stories” might come to mind. And you wouldn’t be wrong. If we added Comcast, Walmart, The Guardian and CapitalOne to that list, the common bond might not be as obvious. But what all these market-leading companies have in common is a common architecture—microservices.

These companies recognize that delivering an experience their customers demand means changing the way they innovate. As a business-to-business solution provider, Genesys wants to deliver innovation to our customers so they can consume it more easily. And we want to make sure that revolutionary innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI), get to customers as an evolution of their systems—not a revolution. To do that, we needed to innovate the consumption of innovation.

If you missed the excitement at CX18, the recent blog by Jason Alley offered a great recap, outlining Dr. Peter Graf’s roadmap session and kicking off our Innovation Spotlight blog series for GenesysTM PureConnectTM customers.

As we look for ways to equip our customers to deliver exceptional experiences, it’s clear that innovation of technology consumption is essential. It’s the best way to introduce new Genesys solutions—cost-effectively and with high velocity. And to evolve our architecture for connected moments, we’re using microservices.

The Anatomy of Microservices

Microservices, or microservices architecture, is an approach to application development in which a large application is built as a suite of modular components or services. Microservices are modern technologies used to build applications to drive significant value and ease of deployment. A microservices capability is encapsulated, has its own data persistence layer and has a clear set of interfaces (APIs) that work in conjunction with other microservices. All of this happens on a publish/subscribe mechanism in which these services inform each other of their presence and invoke each other to deliver a specific application.

This concept is not new to Genesys; our Genesys Cloud includes 175 microservices. And the PureConnect platform also is enabled to work with microservices.

What Microservices Mean for Genesys PureConnect Customers

The microservices approach homogenizes technology across the entire Genesys portfolio. New development is done in the form of common microservices and made available to the Genesys Multicloud CX, Genesys Cloud and PureConnect platforms. Even customers running on-premises deployments can take advantage of innovation delivered using microservices.

Why It Matters

With microservices, we deliver innovation to you much faster. We build once and, because of the homogeneity we’ve created in the technology, you can use these innovations regardless of the system you run—whether it’s the Genesys Multicloud CX, Genesys Cloud or PureConnect platform.

PureConnect customers can realize many benefits from a common microservices architecture:

  • Accelerated innovation: A large part of Genesys development focuses on common microservices. For PureConnect customers, that means a greater pool of development resources work for you.
  • Lower TCO: Enjoy new capabilities and innovations like AI without additional infrastructure costs. And it’s easier to manage those solutions with less complexity.
  • Agile innovation: Developers can build faster with microservices.
  • Cloud-ready: On-premises becomes cloud-ready; microservices run in the cloud.
  • Move at your speed: You can still run the PureConnect platform on-premises, but now you can consume innovation, such as AI apps, in the cloud. If you decide to fully transition to the cloud, you can do it at your pace.
  • Deployment-independent: Common microservices are available, regardless of the PureConnect deployment model—cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Additional Microservices Advantages

Because we can predefine integration scenarios that bring together your backend, which could run on-premises, cloud innovations mean that you don’t need any new servers or additional staff to maintain them. This architecture is fabulous for AI algorithms with spurs of computation requirements that become much harder to do on-premises. And because the system will be open, developers can build more innovations—faster. And partners can expand their value proposition.

The road ahead is exciting for PureConnect customers. And that’s not just because of common microservices. This blog series will also cover shared applications—those that previously were available only on the Genesys Multicloud CX or Genesys Cloud but will become available on the PureConnect platform. And we will explore the continuing native enhancements to the PureConnect platform.

So, now is the time to think through your plan and meet with your account team to create your personalized roadmap.