Do You Offer 5 Star Customer Experiences?

Getting customer feedback seems to be the name of the game in today’s business-to-consumer and business-to-business worlds. Asking customers what they think or, more importantly, how they feel about the way you answer their questions, solve their problems or fix their issues seems logical. But it’s also a bit intrusive—even a bit annoying.

Chances are that you’re not the only one trying to obtain this critical information. Consumers deal with a multitude of brands and companies—all of them want to know how they are doing.

From the consumers’ perspective, everybody wants something from them.

You don’t have to continually ask your customers how you’re doing to find out if you’re providing them with a five-star customer experience. Instead, use this quick checklist below to get a feel for how many stars your customer experience is worth:

  1. Do you offer a true and consistent omnichannel experience?
  2. How many attempts are required to solve an issue or fix a problem?
  3. Is the conversation fully managed in its initial channel?
  4. If customers transfer from one channel or touchpoint to another, can you still manage this as one customer journey?
  5. How often do your customers repeat information?
  6. Do you proactively contact or notify your customers?
  7. Are your employees set up for success?
  8. Is your infrastructure and contact center platform adequate for today’s omnichannel world?

When answering each of these questions, rate your company’s customer experience delivery using a five-star scheme. One star means you have quite a bit of work to do; three stars means you are making headway and moving in the right direction; five stars means you’ve nailed it. This exercise sizes up your customer experience strategy in a simple and non-scientific way.

If you rated yourself below four stars on Question 8, I suggest you read about the Genesys PureBridge program and begin the journey to modernize your technology and migrate off your existing customer experience technology stack.

If this whets your appetite for customer experience assessments, feed your need to know by taking the Genesys Customer Experience Maturity Challenge here.