Consume Innovation Faster with Microservices

Each day it seems more difficult to deliver the types of experiences that consumers expect. It’s a notion like Moore’s Law, but instead of computer processing power getting faster and faster, I’m referring to how a single great customer experience today resets the bar—and that great experience of yesterday is simply the minimum expectation of today. And there’s no ceiling in sight.

And the pace of rising and shifting customer demands means that businesses will need to consume innovation faster than ever before just to keep up. Today, keeping your customers happy requires not only the will and commitment to do so, but it also requires the underlying tools and technology to execute on that commitment. To meet these demands, smart organizations turn to plug-and-play applications with microservices that make it easier to consume new technologies. And the old way to buying the software—installing new hardware and building out your data center—won’t let you keep up. A cloud platform with continuous innovation and flexibility is a must.

One key way to accelerate innovation is to move to the cloud of your choice—at your own speed and with your own tolerance for risk. One of those options is to consume new capabilities as cloud applications, and this can work well for organizations with existing on-premises technologies. A hybrid approach makes new functionality accessible, quicker to deploy, significantly less expensive and yields a faster ROI—all while minimizing disruption and maximizing ROI with existing investments.

All these reasons—and more—are why we’ve spent the last 12 months architecting our enterprise platform, Genesys® PureEngageTM Cloud, using a microservices architecture and DevOps approach. We’re building functionality faster than ever before; we’ll have deployed more than 500 new features during 2018 alone. And 2019 is filled with AI-powered capabilities across omnichannel routing, agent scheduling, forecasting, virtual assistants, customer journey, and self-service with voice bots and chatbots—the list goes on.

We’ve driven a massive amount of change this year in the way the PureEngage Cloud solution is designed, built and run. It’s why leading global brands who consider customer experience a competitive differentiator continuously turn to Genesys and the PureEngage Cloud solution. This is how great brands will meet the new higher level of customer expectations that are being reset each day.

If you’re interested in learning more about our AI capabilities with bots, I invite you to register for our Build-a-Bot on-demand webinar and check out our 2018 Winter Innovations guide on what’s new and coming.