Congratulations to the Genesys 2020 Customer Innovation Awards Winners

Providing excellent customer experience sets great companies apart from the rest. The ability to personalize and humanize interactions lets organizations create valuable connections with their customers. And that’s why, each year, we acknowledge organizations that have shown a commitment to providing great customer experience with the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards.

For the past 15 years, the awards have put the spotlight on Genesys customers that have shaped our industry by powering the world’s best customer experiences. In the past, we’ve honored them with a free trip to Xperience and presented trophies during our awards ceremony. This year is a little different, but we still plan to celebrate our winners when we can all gather again.

A Look at the 2020 Customer Innovation Awards Winners

This year’s eight winners from around the globe have demonstrated their ability to succeed under pressure through incredible teamwork and dedication. Our judges, comprised of industry analysts, previous years’ customer winners and Genesys Executives, had their work cut out for them with a highly competitive group of finalists.

Among the 2020 winners are organizations that successfully implemented Genesys solutions to demonstrate empathy, achieve rapid results, lead with innovation, modernize in the cloud, improve their productivity and boost customer satisfaction. On top of this, some of our winners did this while keeping their employees safe by quickly shifting to a work-from-home model because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re excited to recognize the organizations that have exceeded expectations and achieved incredible results.

2020 Honorees

  1. Temple University – CX Accelerator
    (Small, less than 100 agents / Best implementation: Time to achieve value)

In January, before the start of the winter semester, Temple University implemented the Genesys Cloud™ solution in just three days. This enabled the university to improve key metrics, including first-contact resolution, which increased by approximately 28%. It also took its help desk 100% remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Temple University attained a 100% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) for the month of February, which it had never achieved before.

  1. – CX Accelerator
    (Mid-sized, 101-500 agents / Best implementation: Time to achieve value)

The Italian auto insurance brand replaced three legacy on-premises contact center solutions with the Genesys Cloud platform, with the help of Genesys partner Bizmatica. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerated its rollout — deploying in only two days — to enable agents to work from home. increased its agent saturation rate by 4% and experienced up to a 5% improvement in its average speed-to-answer rate. In addition, it cut costs by blending inbound and outbound functionalities.

  1. TechStyle Fashion Group – CX Accelerator and GX Globetrotter
    (Large, more than 500 agents / Best implementation: Time to achieve value / Best global rollout)

The online membership-based fashion retailer saw a 46% increase in chat handling efficiency and reduced average handle times in the months following its Genesys Cloud implementation. In addition, TechStyle was named the winner of the CX Globetrotter award for efficiently moving its automatic call distributor solution to Genesys Cloud, migrating 10 sites globally in just seven days without disruption. Read the story for more details.

  1. Homecare Medical – CX Empathy
    (Best story of demonstrating empathy in customer service)

As part of the New Zealand government’s emergency response to COVID-19, Homecare Medical, part of the National Telehealth Service, established the dedicated COVID-19 Healthline channel. It used the Genesys PureConnect™ solution to support callers facing challenges and uncertainty resulting from the pandemic. As a result, it increased Healthline agents four-fold to respond to the inundation of inbound calls that spiked from around 800 per day to 15,000 at its peak, and from 4,000 to 40,000 inbound and outbound calls per day across all Homecare Medical run services in the same period. Watch the video, which was filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Vodafone GmbH – CX Innovator
    (Best innovation success story)

As one of Germany’s largest telecommunications companies, Vodafone uses Genesys Messaging to enable 1,500 of the company’s agents to connect easily and intuitively with customers on top business messaging platforms. Today, 100% of these inquiries are fielded by its inhouse intelligent virtual assistant, TOBi, while 50% are completely resolved. Read the story for more details.

  1. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia PTY LTD (ADICA) – CX Mover
    (Best success story of moving to the cloud)

After migrating to Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud solution, with support from Telstra, this end-to-end motor vehicle insurance solutions provider improved service levels by more than 35% — with 80% of calls answered within 30 seconds. Additionally, it saw an astounding 500% increase in call volume during a crisis while keeping call abandonment low.

  1. Affin Bank Berhad – CX Sales and Marketing performer
    (Best sales and marketing success story)

Within a short span of two years, Affin Bank has increased its telesales productivity by 142% and year-over-year sales growth by 118% using data from the Genesys Multicloud CX™ omnichannel, multicloud customer engagement solution. This five-person team has also increased its total year-over-year sales contribution by 12% to become the bank’s leading sales generator. Watch the video.

  1. Microsoft – CX Team Mobilizer
    (Best team productivity success story)

Through the use of Genesys workforce management data and reporting, Microsoft created a workforce analytics tool called InSite to accurately forecast volume and staff headcount. The company estimates it will achieve significant cost savings and efficiency improvements across its workforce as a result.

Congratulations to all the winners. We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements at our next in-person Xperience event. In the meantime, we’ll continue to share these success stories throughout the year.