A Look at Women in Leadership from Genesys AppFoundry Partners

Genesys is celebrating International Women’s Day globally this week. We are all #EachforEqual – each individual is responsible for his or her own actions, which ultimately contribute to an equal world. The IWD 2020 campaign theme is based on the idea of “collective individualism” that forms a common direction on a continuous path toward positive action. Our collective mindsets, conversations and movements can have a greater impact on society.

As a company, Genesys challenges stereotypes, broadens perceptions and celebrates women’s achievements because equality is essential for economies and communities to thrive harmoniously. It’s a great place to work because you can build global relationships, regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation. And not only do we work together within the company, Genesys also collaborates with hundreds of technology partners from all over the world in the unified community called the AppFoundry Marketplace.

Together, we integrate our expertise to provide Genesys customers with hundreds of essential add-on applications to create better customer experience. The marketplace is a terrific example of collective individualism, where Genesys and our AppFoundry partners join forces to help our customers reach their highest potential.

Like Genesys, these companies have a common value to strive for a gender-equal world. Let’s hear from four women who lead as valued AppFoundry partners.

“Ten years ago, I never would have thought that I would run a company with a customer base largely consisting of the most well-known brands in Sweden and the Nordics. Everyone’s equal value, respect and promoting equal opportunities regardless of gender are the basic values of Indicate.me. Gender equality strengthens our working environment, brings out the best in our employees and for us as a company. On Sunday, it was International Women’s Day, but one day is not enough. Let’s all be #EachforEqual.”

  • Lina Bjelkmar, Chief Executive Officer at Indicate.me

“Cyara embodies #EachforEqual every day with a work environment that is not only innovative and customer-focused, but also transparent, collaborative, humble and inclusive. Cyara has many strong women leaders with broad influence across the company and industry. We support and strive for equal representation in our company, hiring and promotions, as well as at our events and thought leadership, from attendees to speakers. Cyara is thrilled to see so many women leading, transforming and innovating in our industry.”

  • Linda Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at Cyara

“InGenius has, since 1996, held as one of its core values: Treating people with equality, ethics and mutual respect. This carries through in all we do, and applies to our customers, our partners, and our staff. Inherent in that value is equality, and we have exemplified that in our hiring practices, always hiring the best candidate. This has resulted in a senior management team that has always been 50% women and 50% men, not because we sought out women specifically, but because we sought out the best, and as often as not, the best are women.”

  • Dale Gantous, Former Chief Executive Officer at InGenius (acquired by Upland Software) – Currently, General Manager of Upland InGenius

“Speechmorphing is a very diverse company. This diversity precludes many barriers that exist at a traditional company. In this diverse environment, I have been able to take a leadership role. I am empowered to support and mentor others to reach their full potential. This is beneficial to both the company and the individual.”

The 2020 #EachforEqual campaign runs all year long; it doesn’t end on International Women’s Day.

The campaign theme provides a unified direction to guide and galvanize continuous collective action, with #EachforEqual activities reinforced and amplified throughout the year.

Help us do our part by making a contribution to the Genesys Women in Technology Water to Thrive campaign to bring clean, safe water to communities in rural Africa.