Transformational CX: Serving more customers with fewer calls. A better experience for everyone.

On-Demand Webinar

Modernizing your agency’s customer experience (CX) platform supports your mission and better serves citizens. This isn’t a secret. Applying this technology to genuinely improve your citizen and agent experiences is the real challenge.

In this brief session, we’ll:

  1. Explain how to drive citizens to engage more efficiently with the modern CX
  2. Demonstrate how to improve the agent experience to deliver a better customer experience
  3. Explore different methods to combine knowledge management best practices with customer engagement data
  4. Discuss why transformation to the cloud is essentially “table stakes” for the post-pandemic CX ecosystem

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Meet the Speakers

Headshot steve boberski

Steve Boberski
Senior Business Development Executive

Genesys ChatLive Assistance
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