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Thought Leadership

Customer Experience in Your Agency

Consumers and citizens today evaluate agencies on the quality of their customer experience (CX) as much as any other factor.

On-Demand Webinar

A 2021 survey found that 70% of consumers/citizens globally said a company is only as good as its service. This shift has brought CX to the forefront as a core competency of every successful business today – across every industry. It means that deeply understanding and continually improving CX is as important as capabilities like innovation, supply chain management, or marketing strategies. In this session, we’ll explore changing consumer/citizen preferences, the challenges and opportunities in delivering a modern customer experience, and the big trends in personalization and CX measurement.

Meet the Speakers

Claire photo

Claire Beatty
Sr Director of Thought Leadership

Johanne ibsen wolford

Johanne Ibsen-Wolford
Sales Manager

Ginger Conlon Podcast Image

Ginger Conlon
Thought Leadership Director