Monthly Demo

See Genesys Cloud in action: Sync with customers with asynchronous web messaging

On-Demand Webinar

Users want to connect, but they also want it to be convenient. With web messaging they can start a conversation with you any time, even if an agent isn’t available. And they can pause the conversation and resume later without having to repeat themselves – because your agents will still have the conversation history.

Join our web messaging demo to see how easy it is to sync asynchronously. In 20 minutes, we’ll show you how to:

  • Engage users 24/7 with messaging conversations that persist
  • Allow users to pause and pick up the conversation later, even on another device
  • Deploy and customize web messaging with limited IT involvement

Meet the Speakers

Jj earle henson webinar image

JJ Earle-Henson
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant

Brad forsythe webinar image

Brad Forsythe
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant