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See Genesys Cloud CX in action: Leverage the power of your CRM

On-Demand Webinar

Delivering seamless, personalized customer experiences is impossible without knowing your customers. That’s why we made customer relationship management (CRM) integrations easy to deploy, maintain and navigate within Genesys Cloud CX.

Join us on April 29th, to see how Genesys Cloud CX and CRM software work hand-in-hand to enable employees with the most relevant customer data to best serve customers. In this 20-minute demo, we’ll explore:

  • Pre-built CRM integrations, like Salesforce
  • Embedded CRM features, such as data dipping and screen pops
  • Fully integrated multi-channel user interface

Meet the Speakers

Jj earle henson webinar image

JJ Earle-Henson
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant

Brad forsythe webinar image

Brad Forsythe
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant