Live webinar on Thurs, Sept 21 @ 11:00am EST

Revolutionizing customer engagement

Unveiling the Power of Genesys GenAI & Salesforce Integration

We’ll explore these groundbreaking CX innovations:

In this session, join Brett Weigl as he unveils the game-changing capabilities and roadmap of Genesys GenAI.
Join us to explore the transformative impact and significant implications of the recent Salesforce Service Cloud + Genesys Cloud native integration for our partner ecosystem in this insightful discussion.
In a rapid-fire session led by Don Huovinen, we’ll unveil the latest statistics on Genesys Cloud, showcase recently released features, and provide exclusive insights into our roadmap for the future.

Join us for an exclusive webinar designed to ignite innovation and empower your customer engagement strategy. In this dynamic session, you’ll explore game-changing insights into Genesys GenAI capabilities and roadmap, uncover the monumental impact of the Salesforce Service Cloud + Genesys Cloud native integration, and gain a firsthand look at Genesys Cloud’s latest stats, features, and future direction.

Designed with Accenture and our valued partners in mind, this event is your gateway to staying at the forefront of customer experience innovation.

Meet the Speakers

Nehal mehta

Nehal Mehta (Host)
Director, Global Strategic Alliances

Brett weigl

Brett Weigl
General Manager, Digital, AI and Journey Analytics

Don huovinen

Don Huovinen
Sr. Director, Genesys Cloud Commercial Ops


Jack Nichols
Vice President, Product Management