Live webinar on October 3 @ 11:00 am ET

Len & Larry’s Collaboration Connect

A Marketing & Sales Mixer

Event Highlights To Get Hyped About:

Join us for a unique and informal gathering where Len Fischer, our SVP of Demand Generation, and Larry Shurtz, our Chief Sales Officer, come together to bridge the worlds of marketing and sales. This isn’t your typical webinar—it’s a chance to hang out, exchange ideas, and ignite collaboration!

Len & Larry’s Collaborative Connect is all about fostering teamwork, breaking down silos, and finding new ways to work together effectively. Get ready for an exciting, interactive, and insightful experience that will empower you to supercharge your marketing and sales efforts.

Register today to hang out with Len & Larry and smarketing gurus around the globe.

Meet Your Peeps

Square 1 orange len

Len Fischer
SVP Demand Generation

Larry w bckgd

Larry Schurtz
Chief Sales Officer