Fresh thinking to fuel your RFP process

Your organization is preparing to move its customer experience to the cloud. What are your goals for harnessing the power of a cloud migration?

With a transformative mindset about moving to the cloud, your organization can gain agility, drive innovation and realize value faster. To get there, you’ll need some fresh thinking about the RFP process.

What to expect from this session

this session explores

  • How to create a transformation mindset at the organizational level
  • The state of the CX market and technology buying process
  • The ins and outs of vendor evaluation best practices
  • What a great cloud CX implementation looks like
  • Multi-industry, real world organizational examples of cloud migration and implementation

Meet the speakers and moderator

Lori bocklund

Lori Bocklund
Founder and President,
Strategic Contact


David Porter
Industry Director of Global Financial Services,

Melinda alvarez

Melinda Alvarez
Commercial Operations Manager,