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The customer experience workforce of the future

Strategies, culture and technology: Shaping the future of customer experience work

Across the globe, customer experience (CX) roles are changing. Organizations are augmenting the capabilities of CX talent with artificial intelligence-powered technology. And they’re redefining customer engagement teams to keep up with today’s changes and tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Findings from a global MIT Technology Review and Genesys survey of 800 CX leaders show that today’s common “churn-and-burn” staffing approach isn’t sustainable. And most CX-minded organizations plan to hire more highly skilled frontline staff who can solve complex customer problems.

Watch Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research; and Claire Beatty, Senior Director, Thought Leadership at Genesys, as they explore how the CX workforce is facing these challenges and evolving. They focus on these crucial questions:

  • Will the future of work change how organizations structure their CX workforces?
  • Can successful, customer-centric firms recast work roles, responsibilities and retention policies?
  • How do organizations build future-proof promotion paths and develop meaningful and sustainable careers for CX teams?

Meet the speakers

Headshot claire beatty

Claire Beatty
Sr. Director Thought Leadership

Headshot cameron smith

Cameron Smith
VP Product Management – WEM

Headshot zeus kerravala

Zeus Kerravala 
Founder and Principal Analyst
ZK Research