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Participate in discussions. Share your experience working in customer service or with customer service software.

  • Learn about our newest research studies.
  • Decide when to participate.
  • Earn rewards when you help us create and improve Genesys experiences.

Not using Genesys products but work in customer service or with customer service software? We’d love to talk to you. Sign up to participate in our research and earn rewards.

Discover the benefits

Earn thank-you gifts like gift cards, swag and more

Become an influencer… no selfies required. Your feedback influences and shapes the direction of product designs and experiences.

Tell your side of the story in presentations to Genesys leadership

Inside view: Learn what we’re working on and share your thoughts

Connect directly with Genesys product and design teams

And of course, get bragging rights for changing the future of customer service.

How it works


Who are you? Seriously. Once we know, we’ll find the right activities for you.


If we see a study that matches, we’ll send you an email with details and next steps.

Earn rewards

When you complete a study, we’ll send you a reward* (swag, gift cards, and more!) to show you how much you’re appreciated.

FAQ | Participation terms

*Rewards are based on the type of study.
Questions? Email SponsorUserProgram@genesys.com.
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