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Through the Sponsor User Program, your employees can participate in any number of discussions, demos, surveys or workshops to share their thoughts. Their feedback will be used improve Genesys products. It’s entirely voluntary — employees can receive rewards when they participate.

Your company’s feedback and engagement help us enhance and embed empathy into every Genesys experience.

Discover the benefits

Help improve your Genesys experience and shape the future of customer support.

Early access to new features and products (betas*)

Influence the Genesys products and shape the direction of product design and experiences

Inside view: Learn what we’re working on and share your thoughts

Connect directly with Genesys product and design teams

Get customized presentations to reveal findings about your company

Tell your side of the story in presentations to Genesys leadership

How it works


Tell us about your company. These answers help us find the right studies.


If a study matches your company, we’ll contact you with details and next steps.

Earn rewards

Once complete, participants will earn rewards (swag, gift cards and more).

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Why you should participate

“We know when you drive personalized experiences that are more empathetic, it creates trust. Trust creates loyalty and loyalty creates lifetime value.”

Trust creates loyalty and loyalty creates lifetime value. Trust comes from personalized experiences that are more empathetic.

The Sponsor User Program enables our UX Design team to meet and understand the people who engage with Genesys experiences regularly. It’s through these moments that we are able to design empathy, trust, and value into every Genesys experience.

FAQ | Participation terms

*Participation doesn’t guarantee access to early features and functionality before they go public.
Questions? Email SponsorUserProgram@genesys.com.
The Sponsor User Program is not for everyone. Cancel your membership here.