Cloud platforms are driving innovation

With the rise of cloud-based platforms, the ability to rapidly test new technologies has turned CX into an innovation hub at organizations worldwide. Survey respondents find value in a wide range of new features and capabilities — quickly deploying new solutions and measuring the impact on customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational effectiveness metrics.

Measuring the impact and making sure that new technologies deliver value will be important as companies strive to become more innovative. Chatbots are a great example. Almost half of surveyed CX leaders use chatbots in their customer journeys but questioned their effectiveness to fully resolve customer queries. This points to a significant opportunity for harnessing best-in-class technology and reducing customer effort.

CX leaders: What are the greatest benefits of migrating CX technology to the cloud?

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Of CX leaders said their company is “highly effective” at reducing customer effor

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of CX leaders said their current bots are effective in helping customers fully self-serve

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of companies using on-premises CX technology are considering cloud

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