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CX is a leading business priority for organizations worldwide. More than half of surveyed CX leaders said they report to the Executive Board or CEO, while the rest are accountable to either operations, sales, marketing or product organizations. CX functions are also receiving additional resources and investments. Almost two-thirds of executives reported their CX headcounts are growing in 2021. The same trend is true when it comes to customer experience budgets — 71% of respondents reported receiving a budget hike in 2021. One-fifth gained a budget increase of 50% or more.

Trend 1 chart 1a

of CX leaders report to the Executive Board or CEO

Trend 1 chart 1b

of CX budgets increased in 2021

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of CX leaders are hiring additional headcount in 2021

Yet there’s still a disconnect in what companies and consumers are prioritizing. The number one priority for consumers in a service interaction is first-contact resolution (FCR); businesses prioritize professionalism and friendliness. Just 41% of CX leaders said their company is highly effective at providing FCR.

Consumers and CX leaders: Which of these do you/does your company value most in a customer service interaction?

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