Seven journeys every payor should measure and optimize

Most insurers believe journeys are something they can control. Customer experience (CX) leaders attempt to steer members in a specific direction so they can optimize KPIs like enrollment self-service rates and cost to serve.

But your members have their own goals like seeing a specialist or enrolling in a care management program. Some members use multiple channels; others rely on just one to accomplish the same goal.

It’s time to define and measure journeys from the member perspective. By aligning their goals with company objectives, you’ll have the data you need to optimize experiences at scale. And you can establish a link between CX and business outcomes.

Download the ebook to see how. You’ll learn:

  • The right way to define a customer journey
  • The seven most critical journeys
  • How to identify milestones, signals and metrics to score performance
  • How to quantify the impact of member experience and business KPIs