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Putting AI to Work in Your Contact Center

How to deliver the best possible customer experiences through advanced technologies and easy-to-use cloud platforms

To provide a consistently outstanding customer experience, many businesses are turning to cloud-based contact centers. These systems provide advanced features such as automated chatbots and voicebots for enhanced customer interaction; artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for deeper levels of personalization at scale; interaction steering and predictive call routing for more efficient and satisfying contact center experiences; and real-time data, to help businesses optimize the performance of their contact centers.

In this ebook, you’ll discover best practices and strategies to help your company deliver the best customer experience through advanced contact center technologies. Find out:

  • Why customer experience is so important today;
  • How to focus on achievable business outcomes using AI and ML;
  • How chatbots can augment and enhance customer interactions with human agents;
  • How to develop a chatbot in half a day;
  • How to connect callers to the best available agent — vs.the first available agent;
  • How workforce optimization helps with employee engagement as well as customer experience;
  • How to address workers’ fear of job loss;
  • How to leverage interaction steering, predictive routing and real-time data for enhanced customer experience.
Putting ai to work in your contact center

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