Frost & Sullivan: Global Research Midsized Call Centers take a Digital-first Approach

Cloud solutions to power customer service in 2019

The Internet has brought unprecedented choices, information, and convenience to customers. In turn, this has prompted businesses to evolve their customer engagement strategies.

One of the most significant changes has been the ever-expanding range of channels through which customers choose to interact with organizations. Customers can now interact with businesses via email, live chat, social media, SMS, and live messaging services. Mobile connectivity is upping the ante  further, empowering customers to expect real-time engagement and responses.

In this study, Frost and Sullivan explores what CX means to mid sized call centers in terms of business impact, priorities, technological maturity, and how they measure related initiatives.

In this global research report, you will learn:

  • Technology trends midsized call centers believe have the most significant impact on their business
  • Technology, people, and process priorities in meeting customer engagement aspirations
  • Primary business benefits derived from improving CX
Global Research Midsize Call Centers

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