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Deliver on the promise of digital government

Whether it’s a customer or an employee, people expect high-quality digital interactions from their government. They want interactions to be accessible, engaging and seamless — just like they get from the private sector. And that’s setting the social and technological pace.

Poor service experiences have frustrated customers and employees alike. Too often, customers are unaware of their eligibility for services or give up on getting them. And burned-out employees are looking to the private sector for jobs. The result is a wide-scale erosion of pride and trust in government. To build this trust, agencies need to consistently deliver not just services at scale, but empathetic services.

This ebook will help you deliver on the promise of digital government. Learn how agencies can reimagine their approaches to customer experience (CX), digital channels and contact center solutions to catch up with the present and prepare for the future.

Download the ebook to discover how Genesys and AWS help you:

  • Deliver digital engagement capabilities to improve the citizen experience
  • Improve the contact center experience for a hybrid workforce
  • Make the most of your data to fuel artificial intelligence
  • Merge these elements in an integrated CX ecosystem