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ContactBabel Research Report

The US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2020-21

The “US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide (2020-21 – 3rd edition)” is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of US organizations.

Taking a random sample of the industry, a detailed structured questionnaire was answered by 202 senior CX and customer contact professionals between May and July 2020.  Analysis of the results was carried out in July 2020.

Additionally, a survey of 1,000 US consumers was carried out in July 2020 in order to understand their attitudes to elements of businesses’ CX programs and what they understand a positive customer experience to be.

Third-party White Papers, case studies and thought leadership pieces are also be referenced to assist readers who may wish to look more in-depth at specific areas or to gain another viewpoint.

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