Genesys and AWS: Market leaders in healthcare

Company Nurse gains a competitive advantage and enhances its customer experience

Going beyond the phone to serve customers

Company Nurse leads with technology using the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Leveraging its all-in-one capabilities and API integrations, Company Nurse has gained a competitive advantage — enhancing its customer experience, improving efficiency and realizing a 269% ROI with a 4.8-month payback.

The cloud-based, omnichannel contact center product offered an exceptional user experience, reduced maintenance and combined all the features Company Nurse wanted in one product — an easy-to-manage WebRTC frontend, an Amazon Web Services backend that enabled HIPAA compliance, real-time reporting, and unified communications and collaboration.



  • 20% increase in call volume handled without adding agents
  • 11–13% decrease in average handle time
  • $50,000 saved annually with reduced overflow calls