Global research report

AI comes of age: Putting customers and employees at the heart of data-driven journeys

Get insights from 750 CX leaders globally on how AI is improving customer journeys and employee productivity — and related business outcomes

Organizations globally are embedding artificial intelligence (AI) more deeply into their customer journeys and employee experiences, making them more frictionless and data-driven than ever before. They’re using AI to understand pain points in customer journeys, provide frontline employees with real-time insights, and improve everything from customer satisfaction to customer experience ROI. 

In this global report, Economist Impact and Genesys surveyed 750 senior customer service, marketing and sales executives worldwide on how AI can improve customer journeys and employee productivity. They also examined strategies for deploying the technology and the value organizations are gaining and hope to achieve as a result. 

Download the report to learn key strategic AI priorities and how, by taking a broader and more sophisticated view of how AI, you can enhance the full customer journey and employee experience. You’ll also gain insight into: 

  • What sets AI leaders apart from other organizations in embedding AI in CX 
  • Which AI strategies and goals will take priority over the next two years  
  • Why AI leaders consider engaging, learning and responding as the most powerful capabilities that AI brings to the customer experience