Seven customer journeys every telco should measure and optimize

Some customer experience (CX) leaders think customer journeys are a series of website clicks or workflow steps.

Most providers believe journeys are something they can control. Business teams attempt to steer consumers in a specific direction to improve internal KPIs like average revenue per user and cost to serve.

But your customers have their own goals like restoring connectivity or upgrading a package. Their journeys to reach these goals may include many interactions and touchpoints, or only a few actions within a single channel.

Aligning customer goals with company objectives is critical. Measuring journeys rather than siloed interactions enables you to effectively optimize experiences. And you can establish a link between CX and business outcomes.

Download the ebook to see how. You’ll learn:

  • The right way to define a customer journey
  • The seven most critical customer journeys
  • How to identify milestones, signals and metrics to score performance
  • How to quantify the impact of customer behavior on business metrics