It’s the foundation of a great customer experience

PureCloud captures customer conversations in one place, making it easier for you to spot trends, collaborate across teams and solve problems. So you can stop stressing, be more productive and run a more efficient contact center.

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Call centers have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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Customer relationships are complex. But they don’t have to be.

PureCloud is contact center software designed to simplify the way you manage customer relationships. Connect with customers, manage tasks and see the road ahead in one easy platform. It’s powerfully simple, fast and intuitive—so you can stop stressing about technology and get right to work.

Run a more efficient contact center

Easy to deploy, easy to use

An intuitive interface allows you to set up your account, integrate with the systems you already use, and get PureCloud running today—no complicated setup, and no training needed.

The power to grow

With any software, you need the power to perform and the foundation to stand the test of time. PureCloud gives you a robust environment that will grow with you and the needs of your customers.

With just the PureCloud documentation and sandbox environment, our interns got the system mirrored and running within two days. That was a huge win.—Shafique Adatia, System Administrator, Vivonet

Happier teams give better help to customers

Unlimited channel surfing

Built from the start to be omnichannel, PureCloud follows the conversation everywhere—so you always have the data you need to respond quickly. Wherever customers message you, we’ve got you covered. More about omnichannel >>

Work better as a team

Bring your team together across channels, campaigns and tools. With every part of the customer conversation in one place, you can create a lasting depth of collaboration and clarity that brings people closer together. More about collaboration >>

Uncover trends in customer data

When you have all the information, you can approach customer communication with empathy and understanding. PureCloud helps you capture and interpret trend data, giving you insight to make human decisions that impact your business. More about analytics >>

Anticipate future needs

No one can predict the future. But with scalable software, rapidly evolving technology and real-time data analysis, rest easy knowing you can anticipate consumer trends and be ready for technology changes to come. More about rapid innovation >>

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Comparing different contact center software solutions

The software world is full of hype, promises and big commitments. It’s our mission to break down these barriers and truly help people do what’s right for their business. How do you compare features, options and solutions for your contact center? Here’s what to look for >>

Features Alternatives PureCloud by Genesys
Email & Chat    
Transparent Availability    
Lightning-Fast Deployment    
True Cloud Architecture    
All-In-One Solution    

Integrating Purecloud into your team’s workflow

PureCloud helps people throughout contact centers in different ways. See how the heroes that run your contact center use the simplicity of PureCloud to power customer relationships. Read more >>

IT teams <3 PureCloud

In the fast-paced world of customer support, the last thing you need is for your contact center software to fail. We’re here to make sure that never happens.

The PureCloud team is committed to performance transparency. That’s why we provide a public-facing status page with live updates and proactive notifications. Check status >>

Run a more efficient contact center

Automatic updates

Our team develops updates with love and sends them automatically to your PureCloud account.

Seamless setup

Set up your PureCloud account in an instant, and integrate with the systems you use today.

Proven availability

We’ve configured our servers so that even if the rest of the internet goes down, PureCloud stays running.

Powered by billions of customer experiences

We’re passionate about creating honest, human experiences. Your customers inspire us, as they inspire you. Genesys, the energy behind PureCloud, powers 25 billion customer experiences each year. We’ve spent years studying customer interaction and refining our solutions. Let us help you navigate the world of customer experience.

Genesys has been named a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant for contact center infrastructure for nine consecutive years. Read more >>

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