Imagine if… Your contact center could achieve 100% first call resolution

Imagine being able to ensure that your customer calls are forwarded to staff with the right skills and knowledge to resolve issues on the spot. Japanese trading giant uses Genesys smart routing to achieved this important customer experience milestone. And that’s not all: The company’s omnichannel contact center can handle more calls and has reduced handle time while establishing a path for future innovation. is an expert in efficient deal execution and liquidity sourcing. With more than 470,000 clients, the foreign exchange (Forex) company has put contact center transformation at the core of its growth strategy.

That transformation meant leapfrogging from basic telephony and siloed systems to an omnichannel customer experience, tightly integrated with Commodity Channel Index trading data. used to run a separate IVR system to guide customers on exchange rates, but it was difficult and expensive to add features. By moving to a single solution, it can change call flows easily.

Security Upgrades in Just Two Months

After evaluating options, chose the Genesys® PureCloud® application because of its extra advantages — including IT compliance and speed of deployment. As a finance company, it has very strict security policies, such as blocking PC users from connecting to the internet. But the Genesys solution helped overcome these challenges, build the platform and launch — all within just two months.

Now, the company’s contact center is always there for customers if they encounter problems with the Forex trading application, want to check a specific trade or get locked out of their accounts. By using Genesys APIs to connect directly to Forex data feeds, provides up-to-the-second prices. And it offers around-the-clock support throughout the full trading window from Monday to Saturday.

Rapid Response and Newfound Agility

Forex trading is the largest, most liquid market in the world — with average daily deals exceeding $5 trillion. It’s also known for its volatility. But handling this is less of a challenge now for With the new contact center application, it can respond easily to rapid changes and demand spikes.

Shortly after switching to Genesys, absorbed a 6% rise in calls while reducing average handle time by 10% and maintaining 100% first call resolution success. These results reflect the contact center’s newfound agility as well as gains made in agent performance and efficiency.

In adopting the Genesys product, can give its clients what they need now and accelerate new digital services in the future. For example, team members can tap into regular new feature releases or access Genesys Resource Center and Developer Forum communities to share ideas and best practices developed around the world.

Mastering the New Era of Multichannel

It’s critical to meet your customers where they are. As has discovered, Genesys products help you master the new era of multichannel touchpoints and deliver the consistent and personalized experiences your customers expect.

With contextual awareness of customer journeys and visibility into the services or sales performance you provide, your agents and artificial intelligence technologies can achieve their full potential. You can realize true transformation when you build your digital capabilities on a common infrastructure within a single customer engagement platform.

As a result, you’ll eliminate silos, reduce costs and simplify management. With an integrated agent application, workforce management and analytics to see into your business, you can deliver a consistent and seamless experience to your customers. A 100% first call resolution can be in your future, too.

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