Demo Webinar:

See Genesys Cloud in action: What to expect on Day One

On-Demand Webinar

You’ve made the switch to the Genesys Cloud platform. It’s exciting, but maybe you don’t know what to expect. Join us for the January 2020 demo to learn what the first day in Genesys Cloud looks like.

  • Administrators – Learn about scheduling, script creation and basic workforce management techniques. See how Genesys Cloud simplifies tasks.
  • Agents – Explore voice interaction and see how unified communications will make your job easier. Navigate schedules and learn how to request changes, as needed.
  • Supervisors – Learn how to find and leverage real-time analytics to drive better results in your call center. Manage queues and understand your metrics.

Kick off the new year (and decade) right. Optimize your new cloud-based solution from the start.

Meet the Speaker

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Rian Logan
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant