We created the consultant program in response to the growing demand from consultants for in-depth information and easy access to data that can help consultants form educated decisions when recommending products. Find out how you can join the consultant program and have access to detailed product information and training, at no cost to you.

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In response to growing demand from consultants for more in-depth and up-to-date information about our company and products, we've developed the Interactive Intelligence Consultant Program.

Our free Consultant Program Includes:

  • Access to materials on our Consultant Web site
  • Dedicated contacts for information requests
  • Free training and education classes
  • Invitations to our quarterly web seminars
  • Relevant company updates sent directly to you
  • Participation in our annual Customer Conference and other Regional events
  • Opportunities to be considered for speaking engagements at our events
  • Offers to participate in writing opportunities syndicated by Interactive Intelligence

Join Our Program

It is our great pleasure to introduce the newly constituted Genesys Consultant Liaison Program registration form. This process has been streamlined to provide you with the quickest access route to inclusion in our program and up-to-date information. This is our first step towards integrating the two consultant portals. Your login id is the same for http://www.genesys.com/partner-network/independent-consultants/ or /inin/partners/consultant-program. One login id, two sites. We hope to have complete portal integration soon. Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. To take full advantage of our free consultant program, simply fill out our Online Application and you will get access to the full spectrum of Interactive Intelligence resources, including detailed product information and training.

North America

Marsha Bailey
Global Consultant Liaison Manager
Phone/Fax: 317.715.8390
[email protected]


Ian Nevin
Consultant and Alliance Manager
Phone/Fax: +44 1753 418862
[email protected]


Samuel La Macchia
Consultant & Analyst Relations
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific
Phone/Fax: +61 2 8918 4849
[email protected]

Additional Benefits

By participating in our Consultant Program, you will also have the opportunity to list your Consultancy in our online directory of Consultant Profiles. The Consultant Profiles are accessed by the Interactive Intelligence sales team and Partner network, and enables these parties to match your Consultancy with any collaborative opportunities within their client or prospect base.

Join the program by simply filling out the Consultant Online Application.

We look forward to working with you!