Discover how AI will shape the future of business and customer loyalty

May 28th | Toronto

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Many CX leaders are at a cross-roads – trying to identify ways to drive business growth and customer loyalty, while managing costs. AI is hotter than ever and is quickly changing the game – widening the gap between the leaders and the laggards. It’s also bringing firepower to strategies for improving the employee experience. ​

If we look ahead to 2030 – the landscape of business and the experiences they deliver are likely to change dramatically.

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

33 Gerrard St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4, Canada

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In today’s fast-paced CX landscape, the strategic use of AI is paving the way for significant transformations in the years to come. This exclusive event will focus on defining the future of customer experience, particularly in the context of AI’s growing role in reshaping both customer and employee interactions.

Please join us and a select group of innovative CX executives for a collaborative, open discussion about the critical topics facing CX leaders today. And walk away with potential solutions to the challenges you’re facing today to prepare you to thrive no matter what tomorrow brings.


May 28, 2024

09:30 AM – 09:45 AM


09:45 AM – 10:30 AM

Enjoy breakfast as you are introduced to your peers and learn about the day.

10:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Roundtable discussions hosted by Inna Ekhaus, VP of Product Marketing

  • The Power & Possibility of AI: The role AI will have on your business and how you want AI to impact your business
  • The Workforce Evolution: How workforce needs are constantly evolving and what you, as leaders, should be considering for the future of your teams, balance quality, efficiency and growth
  • Orchestrating the Future of CX: The challenges in technology implementation and business prioritization and how to best step forward into the future of CX

12:15 PM – 12:30 PM


We look forward to your participation and to the invaluable contributions you’ll bring to our discussions.