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What is Contact Center Management?

Empower Your Workforce with Contact Center Management Solutions from Genesys

Contact center management is the way in which organizations manage the daily operations of the contact center workforce, across multiple touchpoints and channels, in order to accommodate omnichannel customer journeys. Contact center management includes managing workforce forecasting, agent scheduling, time management, employee empowerment and enrichment, reporting, and customer interactions.

As contact centers expand to offer omnichannel customer journeys that include interactions via digital channels, it is an imperative to integrate all systems into one seamless connection. Organizations that seek to cost-effectively manage their contact centers receive multiple benefits including improved customer satisfaction, revenue growth, engaged employees, and reduced operation costs. Genesys provides everything you need to create a great customer experience through any interaction across multiple departments and locations.

The flexible and scalable Genesys Customer Experience Platform offers these contact center management benefits:

  • End-of-lifecycle ACD replacement
  • Innovative customer experience solutions
  • Business process optimization
  • Omnichannel customer journey management

Effectively managing the contact center is a critical component in providing the experience your customer’s expect. To learn the Four Steps to Make Customer Love Your Contact Center, download the tip sheet.