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What is back office optimization?

Back-office optimization is the process of streamlining and automating workforce tasks that occur in a contact center. It also aligns back-office functions with front-office workflows to improve customer experience across the customer lifecycle.

How Genesys can help

An optimized back office provides a consistent, seamless end-to-end customer journey. Typically, back-office departments — accounting, IT and human resources — are independently operating departments with disconnected tasks that can detract from the overall customer experience. And this leads to frustrated, disenchanted customers and employees.

Genesys back-office solutions offer the tools to create a seamless customer journey and empowered employees, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Genesys back-office optimization benefits include:

  • Workforce efficiency
  • Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Connected systems, workloads and employees
  • Increased management of operational costs

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