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What Is Back Office Management?

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with Back Office Management Solutions from Genesys

Back office management is the administration of a company’s human resources, technology and services. The back office typically supports, and works to deliver on, the objectives and promises of the front office team.

Back office departments are historically far less efficient than customer-facing organizations or contact center operations. The lack of coordination between various systems causes a maze of disconnected workloads, systems, and people. Without optimal workload management, tasks and customer communication are siloed, resulting in frustrated customers and unmotivated employees. Organizations who manage the back office successfully see an increase in customer and employee satisfaction and overall brand loyalty. Genesys back office management solutions help you to create exceptional customer service and employee retention.

Genesys back office management benefits include:

  • Workforce efficiency through automated and skills-based routing
  • Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Connected systems, workloads and employees to provide continuous workforce optimization
  • Increased management of operational costs and improved business performance

A well-managed back office can uncover hidden opportunities that drive peak performance throughout the customer lifecycle. Learn more about improving back office management and workforce efficiency today.