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What is an omnichannel customer journey?

An omnichannel customer journey consists of key interactions over multiple touch points between customer or prospect and a company during the point of sale and throughout the customer lifecycle. The interactions may start and stop on different channels, which increases the complexity of delivering a continued experience when the customer changes communication options.

Customers expect a seamless experience — regardless of the device or communication channel they choose. They are more likely to choose a brand that has invested in the customer journey over brands that create frustrating service experiences. It’s crucial to integrate omnichannel communications into an integrated, seamless platform.

How Genesys can help

As customer expectations rise and digital channels expand, it takes advanced customer experience management technology to stay ahead of your competitors. Technology that’s backed by proven best practices, ready-to-go use cases and comprehensive services gives you the ability to deliver seamless customer experiences and optimize your resources. With Genesys, you’ll get the foundation for long-term success to generate revenue, engage employees and keep up with changes as they emerge. Aligning with a partner who has a history of success means you’ll have the right answers throughout every step of your transformation journey.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables optimal omnichannel customer journeys through:

  • Seamless integration of all customer communications, including digital and voice
  • Competitive advantage through optimal customer experience across every channel
  • Increased customer satisfaction by connecting to the appropriate agent to efficiently address customer needs throughout the journey

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