Genesys Cloud Advantage Plan

Modernize and innovate in the cloud with Genesys and AI-powered experience orchestration


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At Genesys, we want to assure you that your journey towards a seamless transition is our top priority. We’re reviewing your information and look forward to connecting as soon as possible.

The Genesys Team

If you’ve received notice about the Genesys Engage™ on-premises end of life slated for December 31, 2028, we want to assure you that
your journey toward a seamless transition is our top priority.

Seize the moment: Navigate change with ease and flexibility

The Genesys Cloud Advantage Plan is a comprehensive roadmap designed to guide you through the transition to the Genesys Cloud™ platform.

This plan is more than migration support; it’s our commitment to your transition success. We’ll help guide your company toward a future where artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology enhance experiences for your customers and employees. And you’ll discover the potential of AI-powered experience orchestration.

What’s included:

    • Planning workshops to align on your customer experience (CX) evolution priorities
    • Financial incentives from Genesys to aid in your cloud transition
    • Free agent and technical training for employees
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Benefits of the Genesys Cloud Advantage Plan

Whether you have budget constraints, regulatory needs, expertise gaps or resource limitations, the Genesys Cloud Advantage Plan provides you with a clear path forward that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs and timeline.

Planning workshops

Like your business, your transition will be unique.

Genesys migration experts will work with your team to assess your current state and discuss your transition priorities.

Together, we’ll map out the best path forward for your cloud deployment strategy via planning workshops, custom demos of Genesys Cloud capabilities, ROI assessments and more.

On-prem rate transparency

You spoke. We listened.

For Engage On-premises customers, Genesys is capping annual renewal rates1.

Until the end of 2025, Genesys will only raise annual renewal rates by 5% or as contractually agreed.

This supersedes any announcements made to date about any general Renewal Price increase.

Cloud commitment credit

Genesys is investing in your cloud transition.

Genesys is offering a financial incentive to help offset costs associated with a transition to Genesys Cloud.

This one-time credit is based on the total contract value and will be applied to the first year Genesys Cloud invoice1.

Available credits will decrease after 2024.

Free agent and technical training

Understanding Genesys Cloud is your key to success.

Customers committed to Genesys Cloud will receive free “Agent Training Subscriptions” and “Technical Training Scholarships” through Genesys Beyond1.

This self-paced training can be consumed for a year following a Genesys Cloud commitment, even if a customer hasn’t started the transition.

  1. Subject to terms and conditions​​​

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