The Trevor Project Scales LGBTQ+ Youth Services with Genesys

The Trevor Project undergoes digital transformation to expand counselor capabilities and further its mission to end suicide among LGBTQ+ young people

SAN FRANCISCO– June 10, 2024 —Genesys®, a global cloud leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, and The Trevor Project, the leading 24/7 suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ+ young people who are experiencing a mental health crisis, today announced the organization has gained scale and efficiency to better meet the needs of its more than 500,000 yearly digital and voice interactions through the Genesys Cloud™ platform. By utilizing Genesys Cloud, The Trevor Project is able to innovate faster and transform both counselor and LGBTQ+ young persons’ experiences to provide more support to every young person in need.

According to The Trevor Project 2024 U.S. Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Young People, 50% of LGBTQ+ young people were unable to receive mental health support when they needed it most. With a LGBTQ+ young person attempting suicide every three seconds in the United States, The Trevor Project is focused on expanding its support to reach even more callers and provide potentially life-saving mental health resources.

“Research has shown time and again that having one accepting adult in a young person’s life can decrease the risk of a LGBTQ+ suicide attempt by 40%,” said Peggy Rajski, founder and interim CEO at The Trevor Project. “The day most young people call into our hotline is often the worst day of their life — quickly connecting them to the right counselors who can offer critical support is essential to getting callers life-saving aid. With Genesys Cloud, we’re able to make those connections even faster while scaling to meet the growing demand for quality mental healthcare and providing those at risk with guidance at a pivotal moment in their lives.

Now on Genesys Cloud, The Trevor Project can use AI-powered experience orchestration capabilities to expedite connections to those experiencing mental health crisis, pair those in need with empathy-focused counselors who are best suited to help them, ensure ongoing improvement of support given by their full-time and volunteer counselors, and more:

  • Prioritize the most urgent crisis: The Trevor Project is using Genesys to better identify and triage calls faster and more accurately to ensure that high-risk callers are prioritized and paired with the most skilled counselors. This means that the LGBTQ+ young persons in urgent need of support are given access to the mental health care they need — faster.
  • Connecting to the right counselor: For The Trevor Project, having the right number of counselors with the right skill set is critical. By using Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), The Trevor Project is implementing quality management capabilities that enable it to monitor and train volunteers to ensure consistency and empathy for young people, while connecting them to the counselor best suited to their unique situation.
  • Providing better support to counselors: The Trevor Project is also using automated forecast scheduling within Genesys Cloud WEM to more efficiently schedule shifts, as well as have better visibility into both counselor and volunteer performance. By having visibility into how a call went, counselors and volunteers can get real-time coaching to make future calls even better or get the support they need after a difficult call. In addition, within the first two weeks of deploying Genesys Cloud WEM, The Trevor Project saved each counselor around two hours of work a day by eliminating administrative manual tasks, which allows the counselors more time to provide life-saving support. In the future, The Trevor Project plans to incorporate Genesys Cloud AI solutions like Copilot to provide suggested resources and responses to make each call more effective.

“The conversation around contact centers is typically focused on revenue gains or how quickly an agent can resolve a caller’s concerns, but technology can do so much more than help with a return or lost package — it can help save lives,” said Tony Bates, chairman and CEO of Genesys. “Genesys is focused on helping organizations like The Trevor Project extend their reach through innovation that enables them to reach their mission. As a pioneer in saving at-risk young people, The Trevor Project has made an impact on the LGBTQ+ community that is astounding and a testament to their dedication.”

To learn more about The Trevor Project or donate, click here.


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