Genesys and Epic Collaborate to Provide Stronger, More Integrated Patient Experiences

Global leaders in customer experience and healthcare software team up to help clinicians improve the patient experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 7, 2024Genesys®, a global cloud leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, today announced it is collaborating with Epic to deliver stronger, more connected patient journeys. Through Epic’s Workshop program, the companies are integrating the Genesys Cloud™ platform with Epic’s customer relationship management suite, Cheers, to give patients and providers a more unified communication experience.

Patients expect secure, seamless and empathetic interactions with their healthcare providers across channels. Using Genesys Cloud, providers in the Epic community will have access to critical content from patient interactions. This ultimately results in quality patient journeys that lead to better outcomes, higher satisfaction and stronger care plan adherence.

As emerging technology like generative AI continues to reshape the landscape of healthcare, the integration of Genesys Cloud with Epic will help healthcare organizations seamlessly connect patient engagement and clinical data across systems and departments. This ensures a more consistent, connected experience between patients and the care team.

More than 600 healthcare organizations currently rely on Genesys Cloud, generating upwards of 130 million interactions per month with patients, members and customers. Furthermore, six of the top 10 health systems in the US depend on Genesys to drive a better patient experience. Healthcare providers that have deployed an existing Genesys Cloud and Epic integration have already yielded positive results in access, revenue cycle automation, and AI-based intent identification and validation. And Genesys participation in Workshop will make it possible to further elevate the communications experience.

“We believe the integration between Epic and Genesys to be critical in having an end-to-end view of the customer journey and driving a superior patient experience,” said Tom Eisenmann, director of access technology and experience at Henry Ford Health. “Genesys being part of the Epic Workshop is significant to our Front Door healthcare strategy, and we look forward to our customers benefiting from this synergy.”

Key benefits of the Genesys Cloud and Epic integration include:

  • Enhanced patient engagement: Allows organizations to more easily interact with patients throughout their journey from care access, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and wellness.
  • Optimized operational efficiency for the care team: Through a unified communications hub, healthcare providers can facilitate smoother interactions with patients that result in reduced response time and more efficient workflows for employees, reducing the ever-mounting burden on staff.
  • Data-driven decision making: Real-time voice and digital communication data can be married with health information to provide more insights into how patients engage in their health.
  • Adaptability to changing patient needs: A flexible and scalable communication solution allows customers to respond effectively to patient preferences and new consumerization trends for increased satisfaction.

“In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the ability to meet the dynamic needs of patients with empathy is paramount,” said Tara Mahoney, vice president of the global healthcare practice at Genesys. “The Genesys Cloud integration with Epic provides a flexible and scalable communication solution, allowing healthcare providers to stay ahead of the curve, respond effectively to changing patient preferences and create a more personalized care experience.”

“Contact centers are an important way that patients interact with their health systems,” said Sam Seering, product manager of Cheers, Epic’s customer relationship management platform. “Through Epic’s collaboration with Genesys, health systems can improve the patient experience with insights from contact center interactions and streamline agent productivity with embedded call controls.”

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