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Genesys PureConnect SMS Channel

Use SMS to support consistent service and meet customer expectations

Genesys PureConnect SMS Channel

Use SMS To Support Consistent Service and Meet Customer Expectations

The Genesys PureConnect all-in-one platform lets your organization manage SMS, as well as all other types of interaction media channels, including phone, email, web chat and social media.

Leveraging the PureConnect universal routing engine, SMS interactions are directed inbound to agents and outbound to customers, according to universal business rules. This means contact centers can better meet customer expectations for effective, consistent service using their channel of choice.

Outbound SMS capabilities within PureConnect support proactive SMS alerts to customers. Based on business rules, these notifications target a specific customer profile and needs—dramatically improving the customer experience and operational efficiencies by ensuring that customers receive the information they need at the right time. Proactive alerts can be sent for several reasons, including:

  • Changes in airline flight schedules;
  • Reminders for medical appointments
  • Notifications that checking account funds have reached a customer-selected threshold.
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Key features

  • Outbound SMS messages based on predefined business rules
  • Outbound SMS “push” messages via lists
  • Chat-like conversations between a customer and an agent
  • Support and configuration for multiple HTTP-based SMS brokers
  • Text masking to protect confidential information
  • Tracking within PureConnect reporting tools
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking to assess how agents manage SMS conversations
  • Outbound SMS “push” messages via lists

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