Genesys Outbound

Genesys Outbound


Optimize campaign results

  • Increase contact and response rates
  • Decrease avoidable inbound contacts
  • Drive high-value inbound calls

Maximize agent productivity

  • Increase agent talk-time with patented call pacing
  • Filter out voice mails, busy signals, and unanswered calls
  • Blend inbound and outbound calls to single agent group

Simplify compliance

  • Self-service rules builder
  • Integrated Do-Not-Call lists and custom suppression lists
  • Customer opt-in program

Improve the customer experience

  • Deliver timely, relevant, and personalized messages
  • Communicate over preferred channels
  • Proactively solve issues and set customer expectations

Reach out to your customers

In today’s market, no company can afford to wait for customers to call in to get the information they need. Relying on active inbound communications isn’t enough. Forward-looking companies are embracing proactive customer communication. By anticipating customers’ needs and keeping them informed along their customer journeys, companies are increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving satisfaction. According to Forrester Consulting, 40% of companies are seeing higher customer satisfaction as a result of using proactive customer communication.

Outbound is a key element of omnichannel engagement

Being able to seamlessly blend interactions, pass context across all channels, and cater to today’s mobile consumer frees your contact center from single-channel communication silos and lets you reap rewards from omnichannel engagement. For example, you can design some outbound campaigns to drive high-value inbound calls into the contact center. At the same time, you can create other outbound campaigns to deflect avoidable inbound calls by proactively providing information, managing customer expectations, and eliminating a customer’s need to contact the organization. No matter your industry, you’ll benefit from proactive customer communication. Frost & Sullivan offer these industry-specific examples. All can be implemented using Genesys Outbound.

Critical components of an outbound solution

The components of a comprehensive outbound strategy include:

  • Leveraging automated and agent-assisted outbound channels
  • Coordinating outbound communications across channels
  • Creating contact strategies with easy-to-use list and campaign management tools
  • Simplifying compliance with dynamic self-service rules builder
  • Capturing and maintaining customer preferences with an opt-in program
  • Improving campaign and agent performance with integrated analytics

Financial Services



  • New customer engagement
  • Replenish prepaid card
  • Telemarketing
  • Payment Reminders
  • Card Fraud alerts
  • Payment reminders
  • Going over plan alerts
  • Upgrade eligibility
  • Customer win back
  • Customer surveys
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Payment reminders
  • Wellness Updates
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Claim status updates




  • Sales alerts
  • Order confirmations
  • Product Recalls
  • Loyalty program activity
  • Customer surveys
  • Quote follow-up
  • Telemarketing
  • Payment Reminders
  • Claims status updates
  • Renewal notice
  • Service call confirmation
  • Cross-sell new services
  • Planned downtime
  • Outage status
  • Payment reminders

Leverage multiple outbound channels

With Genesys, you gain the advantage of the deepest breadth of natively integrated outbound channels through a single platform for both agent-assisted and automated communications, including:

  • Voice: Outbound IVR and automated alert messaging
  • Dialer: Agent calling by predictive, preview, progressive, and manual dialing
  • Text: Interactive and one-way SMS and MMS text messaging
  • Email: Personalized and dynamic content
  • Web: Dynamic landing pages to support outbound campaigns
  • Wallet: Displays coupons, passes, and loyalty cards on a mobile device

Coordinate outbound communications across channels

You can coordinate multiple communications channels as part of an integrated omnichannel engagement strategy. This improves campaign reach and performance, as well as the customer experience, by contacting individuals at the right time, with the right message, through their preferred channels.

  • Escalate Outreach: Initiate outreach in one channel and then expand to another channel if no response is received
  • Blend Interactions: Leverage more than one channel as part of a single customer dialog, including strategies such as scheduling a service call by phone, then sending a text based reminder one day before the scheduled appointment

Easy-to-use list and campaign management tools

You can create, monitor, and tune integrated multi-channel outbound contact strategies dynamically with self-service list management and campaign management capabilities.

The easy-to-use interface lets business users:

  • Segment contacts
  • Apply filters and pre-dial checks
  • Define channels
  • Determine landline versus mobile treatments
  • Manage outbound pacing
  • Monitor campaign progress, health, and results

Leverage automated and agent-assisted outbound channels

Genesys Outbound is a holistic solution that offers both automated and agent-assisted outbound communication channels to optimize campaign results and improve customer satisfaction.

Automate notifications to lower costs and improve the customer experience

Sending automated communications enables you to become proactive customer advocates without tying up costly agents. Your organization can handle many mission-critical business processes efficiently through automated communications, resulting in cost savings to the organization and convenience to customers. Think fraud alerts, order confirmations, outage notifications, appointment reminders, bill payments, retail promotions, customer surveys, and more.

Genesys Outbound helps you send timely and personalized alerts, notifications, confirmations, reminders, and surveys to customers over their preferred channels. When you can manage customer expectations, resolve issues, and keep them informed, you can preempt inbound contacts, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and drive incremental revenue opportunities. Achieve additional efficiencies by enabling customers to complete transactions through automated payment options. If the customer wishes to speak with an agent at any point during a self-service interaction, Genesys offers a path to escalate to an agent.


  • On-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment options
  • Integrated inbound/outbound or standalone outbound solution
  • Predictive, preview, and progressive dialing
  • Outbound IVR, alert messaging, SMS/MMS text, web, and email
  • Self-service list and campaign management
  • Self-service compliance controls and rules engine
  • Cross-channel escalation and blending strategies
  • Multiple list upload options with list segmentation tools
  • Customer opt-in program
  • Integrated Do-Not-Call lists
  • Custom suppression lists by account, campaign, or device
  • Distinguishes between landline, mobile, and VOIP numbers
  • Wireless carrier deactivation list scrubbing
  • Pre-dial filtering for duplicates and invalid numbers
  • Control contacts by date, time, location, frequency, and channel
  • Patented pacing algorithms
  • Call progress detection
  • Supports blended agents
  • Customized disposition codes
  • Scheduled callback option
  • Global connectivity
  • Historical and on-demand reporting
  • Desktop integrations to CRM including
  • Platform integrations via API or CTI Connect
  • Payment processor integrations

Maximizing agent productivity to improve campaign results

In many situations, you want your agents on the phone talking with customers, such as telesales, customer win-back, market research, and collections. Genesys Outbound provides an innovative and tightly integrated outbound dialing solution that maximizes agent utilization and reduces call abandonments, enabling you to efficiently connect live contacts with contact center agents to improve campaign results.

The Genesys outbound dialer offers multiple dialing modes to accommodate a variety of calling strategies and situations, including:

  • Predictive dialing: Paces calls automatically to match anticipated agent availability
  • Progressive dialing: Dials phone numbers only when an agent is available
  • Preview dialing: Presents customer information to an agent before they initiate the call
  • Manual dialing: Allows contact center agents to dial calls manually

Genesys deploys patented predictive pacing algorithms, proven to outperform other vendor solutions. Through these algorithms, Genesys Outbound accurately predicts agent availability, optimally paces outbound volume, and filters out unproductive calls (voice mails, busy signals, and disconnected numbers). For contact centers still relying on manual dialing, this delivers huge productivity gains by freeing agents from dialing calls manually and connecting them with consumers automatically, using agent time more effectively and increasing revenue.

To further improve contact center efficiency, Genesys Outbound supports blended agents. By blending inbound and outbound calls either to a specific agent group or to the entire population of agents, you can increase agent utilization, reduce overall call wait times, and smooth overall call volume. Your contact center agents can also use text messaging and email to send on-demand messages to consumers during a call or as a way to start a conversation.

Simplify compliance with dynamic self-service rules builder

Business users can exercise granular control to customize outbound campaigns to meet evolving regulatory requirements and business policies, with the focus on protecting the customer experience. User-friendly and roles-based self-service tools let you quickly create, deploy, modify, and audit outbound campaigns that comply with requirements and policies regarding when, how frequently, and which channels to use to contact consumers.

In addition to the rules builder, the compliance tools include automated suppression lists, the ability to identify mobile numbers in your contact list, and the ability to define safe contact windows, landline or mobile treatment strategies, audit reports, and more. For example, it’s easy to define the maximum number of contact attempts across channels for a specified timeframe, set “do not contact” dates, or exclude consumers in a certain geographic location when a natural disaster hits.

Customer opt-in program to capture and maintain customer preferences

Capturing customer opt-in has become a critical extension of outbound campaigns. For starters, a growing number of regulations in many countries require organizations to obtain consumer consent before sending certain types of communications over specific channels. Honoring opt-in requests also helps improve the customer experience and campaign results by ensuring that messages you send are in line with customer channel preferences.

Genesys offers a customer opt-in program that not only helps you maximize the size of your opt-in database, but also makes the ongoing management significantly less complex than attempting to maintain it in-house. It provides automated opt-out processes, removes contacts from your opt-in database when appropriate, and seamlessly integrates with your outbound campaigns.

Improve campaign and agent performance with integrated analytics

Having the right data and insight at your fingertips can be the difference between successful and poor campaign performance. Take your outbound campaigns to the next level with integrated Genesys reporting for agents and campaigns.

  • Real-Time Reports: Monitor agent availability and activity using graphical dashboards that let you visualize the status of your workforce so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Detailed campaign statistics show progress on your contact attempts and enable you to improve response rates and increase campaign ROI.
  • Historical Reports: Get key measures of past performance including campaign summary, callback summary, and call-handling activity reports.

Global expertise throughout the customer lifecycle

Many vendors lack the deep industry expertise that’s invaluable when creating effective outbound contact strategies. Genesys leverages best practices, first hand industry experience, and in-country expertise to ensure you realize the full potential of our technology across the complete customer lifecycle—from customer service to marketing to payment collection.

Customer service and support

Anticipate customer needs, proactively solve issues, and build lifelong customer relationships.

Genesys offers many flavors of outbound contact strategies to engage customers and supply them with relevant and timely information such as appointment confirmations, fraud alerts, service outage notifications, card activation reminders, and customer surveys. Common strategies include blending outbound communications across multiple preferred channels and closing the loop with unhappy customers in real time, resulting in improved customer experiences, timely communications about customer needs, reduced customer churn, and a reduction in unnecessary inbound contacts.

Sales and marketing

Maximize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns.

Genesys delivers a range of telemarketing and automated outbound communications to engage with consumers while increasing efficiency, agent utilization, and conversions. We also offer the ability to expand marketing channels using advanced mobile techniques such as mobile landing pages and wallet. You can acquire, upsell, and win back customers; drive product usage; boost activations; and increase customer loyalty—all with one unified solution.

Payments and collections

Maximize payments collected by increasing contact rates and improving agent productivity.

Genesys Outbound enables sophisticated and compliant collections strategies that allow first-party collection organizations and third-party collection agencies to send payment reminders and recover debt more efficiently. The solution offers best-in-class dialing capabilities, patented predictive pacing, inbound/outbound call blending, and self-service compliance tools. Additionally, for first-party collections, Genesys provides cutting-edge cross-channel communications capabilities that let organizations leverage the mobile device to maximize contacts and provide self-service payment options via the voice, text, and mobile web channels.

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