Genesys Knowledge Center

Provide faster, lower effort and more accurate customer service

Genesys Knowledge Center


  • Reduce customer effort
  • Improve deflection from the contact center
  • Increase first contact resolution and cross- and up-sell opportunities
  • Improve online channel adoption and online content visibility
  • Improve agent productivity and reduce agent training time
  • Decrease tier-2 escalation
  • Reduce average handling time
  • Leverage a unified agent desktop

Key Features

  • Multi-source data gathering
  • Natural Language search
  • Content authoring
  • Lifecycle management
  • Auto-complete
  • Feedback management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Role-based access control
  • Native agent desktop integration
  • REST API for custom integrations

The untapped potential of your company knowledge

Too many companies watch helplessly as huge investments in customer service go to waste, because they are unable to harness information to effectively solve inquiries. On the self-service front, searches bring back inaccurate results that are not interactive and do not offer any real value. Similarly worded queries frequently yield completely different results, forcing customers to seek assistance. Things often get no better upon escalation, with agents often ill-equipped
to provide the right answers via phone or chat. And if your customer touches both channels, the responses they receive may not be consistent. Genesys Knowledge Center ensures that you can tap all the information residing in your environment to deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it.

Great customer experience begins with reliable information

You may be surprised at just how far a little knowledge will go to improve ineffective online customer service. Genesys Knowledge Center helps bring together all the elements of a strong customer service mix by optimizing your organization’s knowledge to make self-service tools more effective, to empower agents and, ultimately, to provide a positive customer experience.

Knowledge is at the heart of your omnichannel strategy

Genesys Knowledge Center ensures that information is consistent regardless of channel, and that customers receive the same accurate answers whether they’re provided via self-service search, a phone call with an agent, automated email responses, web forms, live chat, SMS, or social media. And since it is part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, it infuses every interaction with your organization’s customer knowledge to resolve any query or
issue. The result will be a superior customer experience—leading to increased sales and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Knowledge-assisted channels and proactive knowledge bring you more

Genesys Knowledge Center allows you to deflect contact center interactions by immediately providing customers with suggested articles based on live chat content, email ticket submission, web form, SMS or social channels, leading to reduced contact center costs and faster resolutions.

Leveraging Genesys proactive engagement capabilities, Genesys Knowledge Center proactively provides relevant knowledge-based answers on any web page at the point your customers have questions, leading to a lower effort and better experience.

With Genesys Knowledge Center, you can ensure that your customers are consistently getting exactly the information they need—on any channel and any touchpoint, in a traditional or proactive manner. This leads to lower customer effort and better customer experience and loyalty.

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"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care


Knowledge-assisted channels

Deflect contact center requests by providing suggested articles based on live chat content, email ticket submission, web forms, SMS or social media.

Proactive knowledge

Proactively provide suggested articles to customers when it is appropriate to offer support, based on current web behavior and value.

Web search

Allow customers to search for knowledge via simple natural language questions, keywords or to simply browse all articles in the knowledge base.

Contact center escalation

Allow seamless transition to agent assisted service when self-service answers are not satisfactory.

Content management

Gather data from various sources. Create knowledge articles through the built-in content management system and manage content approval and lifecycle. Report on performance, usage, knowledge gaps and deflection.

Feedback management

Track customer and agent feedback to enhance search accuracy and relevancy. Plus, Capture customer feedback about knowledge articles and deliver those results to knowledge administrators to ensure continuous content improvement.

Knowledge-enabled agents

Allow agents to search and respond using knowledge articles, make history of searches, answers read and ignored available to agents and allow agents to contribute to knowledge.

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