Genesys Callback

Improve customer loyalty by reducing caller frustration

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  • Reduce abandonment rate by 40%
  • Improve customer experience by 5%
  • Reduce customer effort
  • Improve brand image
  • Reduce costs by 25% due to decrease in contact resolution time
  • Increase lifetime value of customers
  • Maximum agent productivity

Key Features

  • Callback works across IVR, web, and mobile touchpoints.
  • Schedule an immediate return call or a callback at a convenient time of the customer’s choosing based on operating hours.
  • Check and display agent availability by providing estimated wait times.
  • Supports mobile push notification to provide an alert when agent is available.
  • Easily integrates with existing agent desktop or Genesys Workspace.
  • The unified desktop gives agents access to context such as complete customer profile, contact history, and location, as well as the ability to preview callback requests.
  • RESTful API is optimized for mobile, web, and IVR.

No matter how good your self-service may be, there are times when customers feel that their best chance at solving a problem is to get on the phone with a live person. But this introduces the possibility that these same customers will experience the frustration of waiting in call queues or not having the option to request a callback from a web or mobile app.

Large call queues lead to high customer effort and lost customers

Few things do more to undermine the customer experience than forcing them to wait on hold to speak with a customer service agent. This is especially true of online customers, who are always just a click away from the competition. The longer the hold time, the more likely they’ll hang up the phone and head to a competitor’s site instead.

What’s worse, customers who wait in a queue often find themselves talking with agents who don’t have the answers to their problems and may not even have the right knowledge to find those answers. With Genesys Callback, part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, requests are intelligently routed to the most appropriate agents, leading to reductions in customer effort and a much better brand image.

Deliver effective, satisfying, omnichannel callback service

Studies indicate that people are more likely to make a high-value purchase online after speaking with a customer service agent. In other words, the phone remains a critical part of an effective online sales strategy. By giving your customers control over the timing of a phone conversation with Callback, your customer satisfaction ratings go up, and your service becomes much more effective.

Callback enables your customers across web, mobile, and IVR touchpoints to—with just a click or IVR selection—schedule a callback from an agent at a convenient time for them or request one immediately. The result is a truly integrated omnichannel callback experience.

Giving agents flexibility to reduce resolution time

Callback gives customer service agents the tools they need to manage and make the most of customer calls. The Genesys Workspace desktop reduces resolution time by providing agents with complete customer contact histories and context, as well as the ability to preview, reschedule, or cancel callback requests before initiating calls. Callback also enhances the ability of existing staff to manage peak call volumes by shifting return calls to non-peak times.

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"The Genesys solution builds better customer experience, and that is essential to our present leadership in the marketplace."

Gary Ding

Operations VP



Omnichannel Callback

Genesys Callback supports IVR, web, and mobile touchpoints and seamlessly integrates with the contact center—eliminating the need to replace telephony infrastructure.

  • Callback for IVR offers an option for a callback without losing the caller’s position in the queue, frees up valuable IVR resources, and optimizes contact center resources.
  • Callback for Web enables escalation for assistance while factoring in agent availability and estimated wait times.
  • Callback for Mobile supports a callback from the app when agents are not available or the estimated wait time is too long. Customer profiles, intent, and location information can be used for routing and are passed to the agent as part of the request. Native push notifications for iOS and Android notify customers when an agent is available to call back.

Skills-based, context-sensitive routing

Callback interactions are routed to the right agent in the first place, in the right priority, using business-specific routing logic. This leads to faster resolutions and reduced customer effort.

Integration to other channels

Callback supports your contact center with centralized routing and reporting, a common customer record, and the ability to maintain conversations across channels. Customers receive a seamless experience and businesses increase efficiency and sales.

Unified Desktop (Genesys Workspace)

Agents receive all the information they need to personalize interactions, including customer records with multi-channel contact histories and a standard response library. This results in higher agent performance.

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