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AudioCodes Management and Monitoring Applications for Genesys

AudioCodes Management and Monitoring Applications for Genesys


  • Enables simple and low risk deployment of SIP-based contact centers
  • Assures high-quality voice
  • Reduces operating expense and total cost of ownership
  • Simplifies identification of network issue and fault management
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Eliminates the need for expensive external probes

Your IT department knows that when every component of your contact center operates flawlessly, you’re able to deliver the continuous service customers expect. IT is also responsible for responding rapidly when needs of your business change, whether the requirement is adding new agents or endpoints or deploying mass software updates and configuration changes.

In partnership with AudioCodes, Genesys can simplify the centralized management and monitoring of your contact center. A Genesys and AudioCodes solution eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools to monitor and manage your network and endpoints. The unique integration between Genesys IP phones and AudioCodes network monitoring tools enables you to pinpoint problem areas instantaneously, giving you everything needed for end-to-end management of performance and reliability of your contact center.

With AudioCodes Element Management System you can manage your network and endpoints, quickly identify and resolve voice service problems, and act to prevent problems. The Session Experience Manager is a VoIP network monitoring and troubleshooting application. Together, they provide a proactive detectionto-correction function resulting in continuous service availability.

Element Management System

Element Management System is a centralized management tool for the AudioCodes product portfolio, including session border controllers, media gateways, and IP phones. Element Management System includes:

  • Full coverage of the entire set of actions required to manage the voice network
  • Support for mass software updates and configuration changes
  • Remote management and control of IP phones at any location

Session Experience Manager

Session Experience Manager is an intelligent monitoring and troubleshooting analysis tool that enables IT managers to quickly identify, fix, and prevent issues that can affect users’ voice experience. Session Experience Manager includes:

  • Real-time monitoring of the entire VoIP network’s quality, including the data center, branches, and remote agent sites
  • Proactive detection and prevention of issues before they are noticed by users
  • Quick identification and repair of issues once they occur
  • Embedded probing capability to spotlight specific issues
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Technical Specifications

Northbound Interfaces

Network Management System: Commands and traps are relayed via the AudioCodes API

Supported devices

  • Mediant 500/ 800/ 1000/ 2000/ 2600/ 3000/4000/ 9000
  • Mediant VE and Mediant SE
  • 400HD IP phone family
  • Media Pack device

Telecommunications Management Network Standards support

International Telecommunications Union recommendation M-3010 series

Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) functionality


  • Fault management
  • Configuration and provisioning
  • Administrative support
  • Performance management
  • Security functions

Session Experience Manager (SEM)

Call rating measured metrics

Mean Opinion Score / Jitter/ Packet Loss/ Delay (or Latency) / Echo

Call rating measured metrics

Mean Opinion Score / Jitter/ Packet Loss/ Delay (or Latency) / Echo

Supported devices and server

AudioCodes session border controllers, media gateways and IP phones

Network topology

Entire network/ selected devices/ selected links/ per time selection

Call details

Call lists (per device/link)/ Extensive voice quality details

Call trend statistics

Alarms from devices, activated upon userdefined thresholds:

  • Active alarms/ alarm history/ alarm details in both active and historical views
  • Search entire alarm table for any data string


ITU-T recommendation M.3010 series; fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security alarming


Network (per device/link)/ trends/ top users


Connection to Active Directory/ end users’ satisfaction list/ end users’ satisfaction dashboard/ contact end users directly from Session Experience Manager

Supported platforms


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