Scale HR support and empower teams with a modern help desk solution

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Improve and scale your employee support

Save time with self-service

Empower employees to quickly find answers to their questions via an intelligent search or a conversational chatbot.

Free up your resources

Equip your teams with artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge insights so they can answer questions the first time they’re asked.

Reduce help desk workloads

Seamlessly transition complex inquiries from the bot to a live person using AI-driven knowledge for suggested answers.

Provide a modern help desk for internal support

Human resources assistance

Modernize HR with self-service and streamlined onboarding inquiries. Use an easily updatable AI knowledge base to make policy changes.

IT support hub

Coupled with AI assistance, tools like co-browse, remote access and remote control aid in solving more complex, hands-on support inquiries.

Employee experience analytics

Understand your employees better with real-time analytics. Remove the guesswork by optimizing your knowledge for self-service success.

AI agent support

Take advantage of a user-friendly agent interface. Give employees access to AI knowledge behind the scenes, offering relevant content and immediate answers.

Employee self-service

Give employees self-service support from their normal workflow. Build widgets into the tools your employees already use, like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites.

Accessible transcripts and history

Transition complex self-service interactions to live agents. Include a complete transcript of the bot chat and historical conversations for greater context.

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