Train Your AI Dragon with MicroApps

As customer engagement grows more complex, businesses turn to service automation to alleviate that pressure and enhance the customer experience. The adoption of artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking off as an efficient and cost-effective component of service automation—although it has also inspired fear in some contact centers. If you’re new to AI, it may look like an unwieldy beast banging on the front door, demanding entry. Do you fight it, or find a smart way to welcome AI into your environment?

Facing Your Fear of AI

In the 2010 film, How to Train Your Dragon, the son of a Viking chief attempts to capture a dragon—as Vikings had done for generations. But the old approach was driven by fear and no understanding of this powerful beast. When the young Viking finally encountered a dragon face-to-face, it was with fresh eyes. This dragon could be trained, in control and useful to the community. Fear overcome!

AI is becoming ubiquitous. Even so, fear of the AI dragon remains. Handing over tasks to AI to improve customer experience can still conjure challenges with resolution rates and inconsistent cross-channel transfers. With MicroApps as part of your strategy, you’ll see the advantages of AI a lot faster, with improved outcomes.

Let MicroApps do the Heavy Lifting

Think of MicroApps as mini, embeddable apps that provide a pre-defined modular set of capabilities to accomplish a specific task. They make it much easier to deploy AI across all channels, consistently and quickly. In fact, MicroApps deploy in weeks instead of months. One Genesys customer refreshed their self-service IVR application in 8 weeks instead of the typical 11-month deployment. This “design once, deploy anywhere” approach drives better customer experience and the operational efficiencies that accelerate the progress and power of AI.

You’ll have repeatable and simple tasks handled by bots and seamlessly transition to humans for complex inquiries. Depending on your Industry and business requirements, Genesys offers 80+ pre-built and proven MicroApps that you can leverage today.

Here are a few popular MicroApp functions for self-service:

  • Payment capture – Offer PCI compliant payments
  • Deliveries – Dynamically build and present a list of dates and prompt the caller to choose which date to work with
  • Identify and verify customers – Use one or more identification tokens with progressive levels of ID in the same call flow
  • Balance Inquiry – Perform a real-time lookup to a back-end system and inform the customer

How to Get Going with MicroApps

Start quickly and easily with pre-built MicroApps and improve outcomes. One young Viking turned a powerful dragon into a friend. You can, too, and change the mindset of your entire community. Are you ready to face your dragon?

MicroApps Save You and Your Customers Time and Money

Check out our MicroApps catalogue! You’ll find details on more than 80 pre-built and configurable MicroApps for the Genesys Intelligent Automation —all designed to meet self-service needs across a range of industries.